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What happens on my second visit?

On your second visit, we will:

  • Go through the results of your initial examination and explain to you what they mean. A review of X-rays or any other tests will be explained at this time.

  • Indicate from the above, if there is a problem with your spine and whether chiropractic treatment can assist in restoring you to full health.

  • Discuss which programme is best for you and how to proceed with treatment. Then briefly run through the stages of treatment, how we measure progress and what to expect.

  • Guide you in terms of an approximation of costs for the care we recommend.

By the end of this appointment, we should have resolved any questions you may have about your health and whether chiropractic is the best option for you.

Please ask as many questions as needed during this initial stage of developing a treatment plan.

In fact, we encourage you to ask questions through any stage of your treatment with Posture Chiropractic.

We want you to be as actively involved in the decision making as possible.

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