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Improve performance and reduce staff sick days
Ergonomic Assessment

This assessment aims to identify and eliminate any hazards and risks that may be associated with your workplace.


As many of us sit for long hours at a computer, it is imperative that our equipment is adjusted to our specific needs in order to achieve optimal support. 



This is to ensure comfort and more importantly safety in the workplace.


Bad practice may lead to chronic issues with posture which leads to maladjustment and pain in various areas of the body.

Also, career drivers need to ensure their seat is ergonomically positioned to their personal requirements. 

The same will apply to workers standing and using tools. 

Is the workbench at the optimum height etc?

All of these factors will ensure you are more comfortable and therefore more productive and happy in your work life.

Injuries from poor ergonomics may not appear until you have left your workplace, by which time they may be difficult to treat.


This is definitely a situation where prevention is better than cure – particularly given that the prevention is such an easily accessible tool.

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