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Posture Correction

The characteristic ways that we sit and stand and walk are among the strongest of all habits,
and so changing your posture may be just as difficult as quitting smoking.


Poor posture, however, may be a major factor in much of the chronic pain suffered in our modern sedentary society. 


In particular issues like neck pain, headaches, and especially lower back pain.

Our posture gives an insight into the behaviour of our spine. 

It can be an indicator of spinal disease or the cause of such varied conditions as fatigue, headaches, breathing difficulties and lack of confidence.

Obviously, as we get older our spine will deteriorate but this can, in fact, be minimized if we develop healthy habits before it becomes a problem.

With an ideal spine, the pelvis will be level as will the hips, shoulders and head. 


Day to day activities, such as carrying heavy shoulder bags or cases; cocking the head to one side whilst on the phone, constant computer use etc etc. will undoubtedly have an impact on this. 

In fact, the reasons behind someone’s bad posture are just so many and varied it really is essential that the cause be diagnosed by a professional.  This will allow the correct treatment to be applied

to the relevant problem.

When the spine assumes it’s healthy, ideal posture it is able to able to perform at its peak, helping to prevent further injury and damage.

In short, we target the cause of the problem,

not just the symptoms i.e. pain.

Restoring your correct posture is at the heart of our treatment approach.

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