What is Chiropractic

This short video explains how chiropractic works on your entire body by focusing on the central nervous system.

Frequently asked questions

What type of Chiropractic Therapies do you offer?

At Posture Chiropractic we believe in offering you choices so we are constantly upskilling to keep on top of best practise for Chiropractic Therapies.

We currently offer the following choices for Chiropractic Adjustment:

The Activator Method


Thompson or Drop-Table Technique

Gonstead Method Diversified Technique

Is Chiropractic safe for Children

Illness, gut issues, allergies, asthma and other diseases in childhood seem to be constantly under the spotlight of late.

As a Chiropractor our role is not to “cure” anything but rather to focus on the functioning of central nervous system.

When the CNS is at optimal function this then enables the body to use its own innate ability to co-ordinate healing and better function of all organs ensuring overall well being.

In Australia, a skilled Chiropractor would modify the force applied to child’s spine based on the age and developmental stage of that child. At Posture Chiropractic, we only work on children aged from 6 months old.

This means that children will not receive a high impact manipulation, which is what I believe, most parents are concerned about.

It is also good for you to know how highly regulated Chiropractic Care is in Australia.

The 5 year full time Chiropractic training covers subjects such as physiotherapy, osteopathy and even general medical training, thus showing how closely aligned and complimentary these practices are.

Our end game is to ensure overall well-being for our patients.

According to Dr. Jennifer Barham-Floreani,

“There’s an intricate balance between the immune system, the digestive system and the nervous system.

They are incredibly intertwined. We want to make sure the master controller (the nervous system) is working well.” [1]

Healthy pregnancies create the best foundation upon which healthy childhoods can be built and Chiropractic Therapies can play a major role in pre and post natal care.

Strengthening the foundation for normal development, healing, function, and nerve communication is important at all life stages.

I would however, suggest there is probably no more important stage than childhood, when a young growing body is so greatly impacted by behaviours.
This is the perfect time to set healthy practise in place for a healthy future.

[1] . Barham-Floriani, J (2014), “10 Reasons Parents Take Their Healthy Children To Chiropractors,”

What age group is best suited to Chiropractic?

The beauty of Chiro is that it is highly adaptable and therefore suited to all ages.

The team at Posture Chiropractic is also specifically trained in the treatment of newborns and infants; in other words, they are trained to look after the whole family.

Chiropractic is also highly recommended pre or post natal, regardless of pain issues. Obviously the extra weight carried during pregnancy can have a negative impact on the spine.

Spinal adjustments during pregnancy can often prove to be beneficial during the birthing process.

What do I need to provide when I make my first appointment?

At the time of booking, we will require your full name, contact number, date of birth, and referral details.

We tend to place new patients during non-peak periods to ensure we can allocate sufficient time for a full assessment of your case.

How do I prepare for the first appointment?

We suggest you wear comfortable, casual clothes and footwear.

We will provide a gown for you or use cotton towels to protect your privacy, during treatment.

If you have previous medical imaging (e.g. x-ray, ultrasound, CT scan MRI etc.), please bring it along with you.

Click the link below to download our Patient Information form.

Posture Chiropractic Cremorne. Patient information form

What can I expect during the 1st visit?

Prior to being seen we ask you to complete the above Patient Questionnaire, providing us with an overall view of your general health.

If you haven’t filled out the initial questionnaire before your first visit, we will provide you with a hard copy for completion in our office.

Once this paperwork has been signed off and reviewed, your chiropractor will discuss your specific concerns in detail and then conduct a thorough and non-invasive examination of your body, in order to find the cause of your symptoms.

The examination may include a postural evaluation, range of motion assessment of your spine and a basic neurological and balance test for evaluation of your nervous system.

Should further clarifying evidence be needed you may be referred for X-ray.

As we are surrounded by allied health professionals, you do not need to leave the building when obtaining X-rays.

Given your first visit is very much based around examination and information gathering, full chiropractic treatment will probably not commence until your second visit. We will, however, provide strategies to minimise your pain in the meantime.

How often do I need to have my Chiropractic Therapy

Duration for treatment of your current condition will be discussed in your second visit.

Once you are on top of this current area of concern, we do recommend regular visits to ensure all is functioning well and perhaps have a “top up” treatment if needed.

Staying on top of your issues with regular treatment is much easier than having to go back and start from the beginning again.

By the time you reach this stage, you will no doubt understand just how important your skeletal health is, and how picking a problem up in its infancy will have a far better outcome.

What happens on my second visit?

On your second visit, we will:

  • Go through the results of your initial examination and explain to you what they mean. A review of X-rays or any other tests will be explained at this time.
  • Indicate from the above, if there is actually a problem with your spine and whether chiropractic treatment can assist in restoring you to full health.
  • Discuss which programme is best for you and how to proceed with treatment. Then briefly run through the stages of treatment, how we measure progress and what to expect.
  • Guide you in terms of an approximation of costs for the care we recommend.

By the end of this appointment, we should have resolved any questions you may have about your health and whether chiropractic is actually the best option for you.

Please ask as many questions as needed during this initial stage of developing a treatment plan.

In fact, we encourage you to ask questions through any stage of your treatment with Posture Chiropractic.

We want you to be as actively involved in the decision making as possible.

Can I have Chiropractic treatment when pregnant?

Chiropractic therapy is a perfect option for pain relief during pregnancy, particularly if you are a migraine sufferer and unable to take prescription medication.

Chiropractic Treatment can help to alleviate the source of the headache. Research has also shown other substantial benefits of chiropractic care for pregnant women including:

  • Relieving pain in the joints
  • Relieving pain in the neck
  • Relieving pain in the back
  • Relieving pain in the hips
  • Reduce or minimise the occurrence of nausea during pregnancy

It is essential that you only receive treatment from a fully qualified chiropractor.

Dr Clyde has trained to adjust pregnant clients and is knowledgeable in breastfeeding ergonomics and the prevention of future delivery-related complaints.

Pre natal and post natal chiropractic care is a holistic therapy used by many to manage and prevent pain associated with pregnancy.

Why does my joint "crack" during adjustment?

Sometimes during an adjustment, the joint may ‘pop’.

This is known technically as joint ‘cavitation’.

This sound is created when gas bubbles are partially or totally collapsed as result of the chiropractic pressure being applied.

It normally provided patients with immediate relief and of course is totally safe when conducted by a professional Chiropractic.