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Pain Management

Chiropractic Care for Chronic Pain

Most know that chiropractic therapy is a wonderful, drug-free way to treat any form of back pain.

Yet few realise that chiropractic may help with pain in any area of your body.

This is because any form of problem with your vertebrae will lead to central nervous system (CNS) dysfunction.

As the CNS controls most functions of the body and mind, treating the vertebrae can treat most areas of the body.

Listed below are just some of the conditions which may be helped by chiropractic therapies

Migraine Headaches

Joint pain


Weight gain

Nervous system irregularities

Poor blood flow

Tech Neck


Posture and Balance

Carpel Tunnel



Sinus issues

Ear aches

The list is endless! So if you are looking for a safe pain relief option, why not come in and have a talk with Dr Clyde?

Everyone is different and so everyone will receive a personalised treatment regime.