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This is what satisfied clients have to say


I've been seeing Dr. Clyde for several years and each visit I leave feeling like a new person. My mobility and energy levels change. His dedication and awareness to read my body always leaves me in awe.
As a family, my wife and children also receive regular treatments to ensure we are all in balance and feeling good. For this we are grateful.
All the best and don't retire for another 50 years! 


Just started seeing Dr Jin for a month and the adjustments has already seen massive improvements to my chronic pain in the lower back and neck. Dr Jin is professional, knowledgeable and passionate. He is down to earth and never tries to hard-sell anything. Highly recommended Posture Chiropractic!  


Clyde is a wonderful chiropractor - extremely thorough and professional. He is assisting me with my arduous recovery after bilateral knee replacements. It is helping enormously. Thank you Clyde for looking after me so well and making my journey less painful. Highly recommended!   DAPHNE

Dr Clyde is an awesome practitioner. He has supported me with rehabilitation after spinal surgery and kept my body aligned during my recent pregnancy and postnatal recovery. Highly recommend Dr Clyde. 


Posture Chiropractic is a word of mouth practice. I was introduced to Posture Chiropractic two years ago through a friend. Both my husband and I work long hours and we had tensed muscle and sore joints. Since our first visit, we have been quite happy with every aspect of the care given by Dr Jin. Much appreciate his knowledge and assessment and providing treatment of our needs have kept us returning. Highly recommend Dr Jin to everyone.   JULIA

After less than half a dozen visits to Clyde from Posture Chiropractic in Cremorne, I have been a whole 2 weeks without a headache or back pain which is the first time in YEARS!
I will continue to visit and work with Clyde regularly into the future to work on my posture and remain pain-free.
Meanwhile, for anyone looking for help with their aches, I cannot recommend a Clyde highly enough. He is professional and plain brilliant!


One day I hope there will be 'The Clyde Method' clinics everywhere.
Clyde has realigned and balanced my structure from head to toe. Everything works better - how I stand, walk, breathe, eat and sleep. His approach is non-judgmental, caring, attentive and obviously knows his stuff.

Highly recommended.   Lynne C

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