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Is Chiropractic Safe for my Child?

Now more than ever Chiropractic therapy should be part of your child's life.

Tech neck is just one of many issues we now encounter in our new digital society.

Unfortunately, most children are not taught to correct way to use their digital devices in terms of protecting the body’s natural state.

Protect your child now

before it is too late.

Backpacks can also be another problem in school children resulting in back pain.

We will assess the way your child walks while wearing their backpack and correct it accordingly.

❓ Is it too heavy

❓ Is it positioned at the correct point of the back to avoid strain

When a backpack is too heavy it can disrupt the normal curves of the spine, leading to muscle strain and spinal subluxation.

Rounded shoulders can be a common result and this in turn will impact your child’s balance making it easier for them to fall.

So, when is too young for your child to see a chiropractor?

At Posture Chiropractic, we work on children aged from 6 months old.

Chiropractic care for children uses a modified force based on the age and developmental stage of that child.

You may well be surprised by just how many other childhood conditions can be improved by chiropractic therapy.


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