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The Kindergarten Chronicles - sending them off to school for the first time - And other "back-to-school" tips

Updated: Jan 30

The first day of school is a significant milestone for both parents and children.

As youngsters embark on this exciting journey of learning and socializing, it's crucial to ensure their well-being is prioritized, including their overall health and spinal care.

back to school tips

This blog aims to shed light on the importance of looking after a child's health, with a particular focus on spinal health as they step into the new world of school.

The joy of embarking on a new chapter in your child's life is undeniable.

The prospect of new friendships, learning experiences, and personal growth fills the air with excitement.

Parents often look forward to witnessing their child's intellectual and social development as they engage with a world beyond the confines of home.

There is so much preparation before they even step foot inside their new domain and this can be stressful for parents and children.

You have your checklist of material requirements for starting school, but what about their back-to-school health checklist?

These back-to-school tips are a great way to remind kids of the importance of building healthy habits in school, are simple to incorporate, and easily fit into a child’s everyday routine.

Maintaining spinal health and overall wellness is critical to how they’ll progress through their school years and into the future.

Top of this list is the backpack: What to choose and how to use.

Ideally, look for a backpack with the following features:

school essentials

2 Contoured adjustable shoulder straps

back to school health essentials

Padded back panel for extra spinal protection

back to school backpack check list

Sternum & side compression straps

back to school essentials

Adjustable & padded waist belt mechanism


Your child should carry no more than 10-15% of their body weight in a backpack.


Adjust the straps so that the backpack sits between the shoulders and the waist.

correct way to wear a backpack for back to school

It should also sit close to the body

with minimum space between

the pack and the child's spine. 

incorrect wearing of backpack

Improper use of a backpack, especially one that’s too heavy or worn incorrectly, can lead to poor posture.

Remember your child’s spine is still developing, and carrying excessive weight or carrying it unevenly can cause strain on their back and shoulders.

This strain can lead to long-term musculoskeletal issues.

An unsafe or heavy backpack can create issues with the posture that continue even after the backpack is no longer worn.

Teach your child to wear their backpack using both straps, thus ensuring even weight distribution.

Single strap use can cause neck and back pain for the wearer who has to compensate for the weight of the bag and adjust their hips and shoulders unevenly.

Children spend a large chunk of their school day sitting down at desks, so they must maintain good posture while doing so.

Here are some simple yet effective guidelines to ensure good posture when sitting at a desk in the classroom.

  • Head position – Head in a neutral position (or slightly forward) and in line with the torso;

  • Back supported by the chair – Sitting up straight with back supported;

  • Elbow position – Elbows are close to the body; the angle is open about 90-120 degrees;

  • Knee position – Knees at about 90 degrees;

  • Legs – Legs are not crossed;

  • Feet – Feet are flat on the floor.


At Posture Chiropractic we offer guidance on the selection and wearing of backpacks as well as ergonomic setup of your child’s desk arrangement.


The first day of school brings a sense of the unknown, both for parents and children.


As a parent, it's essential to embrace the excitement and pride that comes with this significant milestone while acknowledging and navigating the challenges that may arise.

Ultimately, watching your child embark on their educational journey is a testament to the beautiful, evolving tapestry of parenthood.


And once that first school week is done and dusted we suggest you book yourself in for some well-deserved self-care with us.



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