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What do I need to provide when I make my first appointment?

At the time of booking, we will require your full name, contact number, date of birth, and referral details.

We tend to place new patients during non-peak periods to ensure we can allocate sufficient time for a full assessment of your case.

We suggest you wear comfortable, casual clothes and footwear.

We will provide a gown for you or use cotton towels to protect your privacy, during treatment.

How do I prepare for the first appointment?

What can I expect during the 1st visit?

Prior to being seen we ask you to complete the above Patient Questionnaire, providing us with an overall view of your general health.

If you haven’t filled out the initial questionnaire before your first visit, we will provide you with a hard copy for completion in our office.

Once this paperwork has been signed off and reviewed, your chiropractor will discuss your specific concerns in detail and then conduct a thorough and non-invasive examination of your body, in order to find the cause of your symptoms.

The examination may include a postural evaluation, range of motion assessment of your spine and a basic neurological and balance test for evaluation of your nervous system.

Should further clarifying evidence be needed you may be referred for X-ray.

As we are surrounded by allied health professionals, you do not need to leave the building when obtaining X-rays.

Given your first visit is very much based around examination and information gathering, full chiropractic treatment will probably not commence until your second visit.


We will, however, provide strategies to minimise your pain in the meantime.

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