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Can I have Chiropractic Therapy when Pregnant?

Chiropractic therapy is a perfect option for pain relief during pregnancy, particularly if you are a migraine sufferer and unable to take prescription medication.

Chiropractic Treatment can help to alleviate the source of the headache.


Research has also shown other substantial benefits of chiropractic care for pregnant women including:

  • Relieving pain in the joints

  • Relieving pain in the neck

  • Relieving pain in the back

  • Relieving pain in the hips

  • Reduce or minimise the occurrence of nausea during pregnancy

It is essential that you only receive treatment from a fully qualified chiropractor.

Dr Clyde has trained to adjust pregnant clients and is knowledgeable in breastfeeding ergonomics and the prevention of future delivery-related complaints.

Pre-natal and post-natal chiropractic care is a holistic therapy used by many to manage and prevent pain associated with pregnancy.

Find out how chiropractic can help with other pre, natal and peri-natal conditions.

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Studies confirm that chiropractic care is an effective, safe way to treat sacroiliac (SI) joint pain.


SI joint pain has a number of causes which include leg length discrepancies; altered function of the hip, leg, or knee; and pregnancy.

Participants in this study received a single chiropractic treatment session.

They reported immediate and lasting relief from their SI joint pain.

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