Peri-natal depression and anxiety IS real and it is a major problem.

While it might be hard for others to see, there are several indicators to look out for.

These may include:

Feeling sad, low, or crying for no obvious reason

Constantly worrying over the health or well-being of your baby

Being nervous, ‘on edge’, or panicky

Being easily annoyed or irritated

Withdrawing from friends and family

Feeling totally exhausted


Abrupt mood swings

Nausea, vomiting, cold sweats, lack of appetite

Fear of being alone or with others

Lack of interest in things you used to enjoy doing

Developing obsessive or compulsive behaviours

Inability to concentrate or remember simple things

Panic attacks

Thoughts of death, suicide or harming your baby.

There are just some of the many symptoms.

If you or someone you know is experiencing any worrying symptoms, seek professional support.

In Australia we have wonderful organisations offering help, with PANDA ( being the best starting point to source the many services available to you.

It is essential that we as a community get involved and help to break down the barriers associated with what can be an isolating condition.

One in five mothers will experience #Perinatalanxiety or depression and it is most often with the 2nd or 3rd child.

In the past there has been such a stigma attached to this and any #natal #mentalhealth issues. Yet this is a hormonal issue not a ‘bad mother or father’ issue.

In other words, no one should judge you any more than they would judge someone with a thyroid problem.

And yes, men can suffer with Peri-natal anxiety or depression too.

A chiropractor trained in pre and

#postnatalcare provides great

relief from many symptoms.

At Posture Chiropractic in Cremorne,

Dr Clyde Jin has trained in a

range of Peri-natal conditions and his calming nature puts all his patients

at ease.

If your Peri-natal anxiety is related to breastfeeding, Dr Clyde has also been trained in this area. Often times anxiety comes as you are not feeling comfortable while feeding. It is essential you are seated correctly and not holding too much strain in the shoulder area. This is an exercise which can be easily taught and will save much pain and suffering.

Chiropractic therapies combined with counselling or support group services can make a dramatic difference to this condition.

These therapies can allow the new mum or dad to get back on track and truly embrace this wonderful time, knowing they have great support systems behind them.

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